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2nd November 2018

Vaginal Itching: the common causes

Consultant Gynaecologist Mr Narendra Pisal outlines the common causes of vulval/vaginal itching and irritation: Vaginal candidiasis (thrush or yeast infection) The most common cause of vaginal itching,...

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18th July 2018

What Makes Good Feminine Hygiene?

Good feminine hygiene is important for overall gynaecological health and with a wide array of products available it can difficult to know what’s best to...

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Probiotics & Vaginal Health
12th July 2018

Probiotics & Vaginal Health

Consultant Gynaecologist, Mrs Pradnya Pisal, & Nutritional Therapist, Laura Southern, speaks to Get the Gloss magazine about the new trend of probiotics for vaginal health....

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