Our Nursing Team

We have a dedicated nursing team on site at our Harley Street and City of London clinics to support you and put you at ease during your appointment and throughout your visit.

Led by Clinical Nurse Specialist Jennifer Byrne, the team includes Healthcare Assistants Shauna, Daisy, Sheridan and Pinar who together, provide a patient-centered approach to ensure that you are looked after from the very first moment you enter our ultra-modern clinic located in the historic Austin Friars Square near Liverpool St.

During your visit, our team will make you feel comfortable and will chaperone you during your appointment to help you feel at ease and to ensure you are comfortable at all times. 

 We provide a one-stop service facilitated by our nursing team who are on hand to take a blood test if required and if recommended by your consultant. This can usually be performed by the team swiftly on site and often on the same day as your appointment. This is in addition to further investigations that can be performed on the same day, such as urine tests.

Equally, at our location at the Portland Hospital, you will be supported and chaperoned by a caring and dedicated team of nurses who are on hand to assist you.

We also offer a  range of Nurse-led services which include, Smear tests, HPV vaccination and Pre-op and Post-op care including video consultations. Learn more about the Nurse-led Clinic.