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Vulvoscopy Procedure

Our vulvoscopy package gives reassurance with thorough analysis of the cells all within an outpatient appointment.

A vulvoscopy is an examination of the vulval skin using a telescope. It is performed for the investigation of vulval itching or pain or irritation and to rule out pre-cancer of the vulva. The examination does not hurt but the application of the stain may cause a stinging sensation. The examination is performed in less than 5 minutes.

Who is it for?
A colposcopy is for women who have:

  • Persistent vulval itching
  • Vulval pain or irritation

Or for

  • Further investigation of skin conditions such as lichen sclerosis or lichen planus.
  • To rule out pre-cancer of the vulva caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)

What does it involve?
It is a simple outpatient procedure to examine the vulva with a microscope (called a colposcope) to visualise the vulval skin.  Our standard vulvoscopy package includes:

  • A consultation with a consultant gynaecologist
  • Full history taking
  • Vulvoscopy procedure
  • Explanation of results
  • Detailed written report emailed or posted to you and your GP
  • Direct access for any urgent health concerns

When will I get the results of my vulvoscopy?

Your specialist will discuss the colposcopy findings with you. The report will usually be ready within 10 days.



  • £675 (consultation and vulvoscopy)