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Outpatient Hysteroscopy

An outpatient hysteroscopy offers an investigation of certain symptoms without the need for a general anaesthetic.

Who is it for?

An outpatient hysteroscopy is suitable for women who have:

  • Bleeding after menopause
  • Bleeding between periods
  • Heavy periods
  • Missing IUD/ coil threads
  • Small polyps
  • Breakthrough bleeding on HRT / the contraceptive pill

What does it involve?

As an outpatient procedure, an outpatient hysteroscopy is performed in a treatment room in the clinic and lasts between 5 and 30 minutes.

A hysteroscope (a small thin light filled tube with a camera) is inserted into the vagina and passes through the cervix.  The camera sends images to an external monitor so the consultant can review them.

A small sample (biopsy) from the lining is taken and sent for analysis.  Small polyps can also be removed at this time, coils can also be removed or inserted if necessary at this time.

As there is no general anaesthesia you can go home 30 minutes or so after the procedure.

How to prepare for an outpatient hysteroscopy?

We advise 30 minutes prior to the procedure take a painkillers (such as paracetamol 1g or ibuprofen 400mg).

Bring someone with you, even if you prefer to be alone during the procedure it’s helpful to have someone to take you home.

What to expect afterwards?

You may experience period like cramps and some bleeding (like a light period)

What does the self pay outpatient hysteroscopy package include?

A self pay outpatient hysteroscopy package includes the following:

  • A consultation with a Consultant Gynaecologist
  • Hysteroscopy procedure (on a separate day to the consultation)
  • Biopsy and histology
  • Detailed written report emailed or posted to you and your GP
  • Follow up consultation, usually by telephone
  • Direct access for any urgent health concerns

The following may also need to be added at an additional cost:

  • Ultrasound scan
  • Insertion of IUD
  • Additional histology charges may be required for larger samples

Please note that this package is only available at our clinic located at The Portland Hospital.

Please note that fees are subject to change, and part of the fees (the hospital charges) will be invoiced by the hospital directly.


  • £2800 (Including consultation, hysteroscopy, biopsy, histology and follow up consultation)