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Menopause Care Package

Menopause affects women very differently, make those later stages lighter with our menopausal care package.

Who is it for?
Women over 50 years of age

How often?
Every year

What does it involve?

  • A consultation with a consultant gynaecologist
  • Full history taking + abdominal and pelvic examination
  • Blood pressure assessment
  • Blood tests including
    • Haemoglobin
    • Thyroid function test
    • Fasting blood glucose
    • Vitamin D levels
    • Fasting lipid (cholesterol) profile
    • CA125 (ovarian cancer screen)
    • U&E
    • Liver function
    • Oestradiol
    • Testosterone
  • Comprehensive report
  • Direct access for any urgent health concerns

The following tests can be added to a menopausal health check at an additional cost:

  • Cervical smear test & HPV sub typing test
  • Pelvic ultrasound scan
  • Breast screening (mammogram or breast ultrasound)
  • Bone density scan for osteoporosis
  • Nutritional consultation, visit Menopause Nutrition. 

If you are visiting us at The Portland Hospital, there may be additional hospital charges that will be billed directly to you by the hospital and the total invoice amount should be the same.

Whilst we aim to provide a one stop service for the maximum convenience of our patients, if you have any questions pertaining to your results, we request a follow up appointment is booked. Follow up appointments can be done virtually 30 mins (£175), 15 mins (£100) or face to face 30 mins (£280).



  • £310 Menopause consultation
  • £580 (Including consultation and blood tests)
  • £780 (Including consultation, blood tests, cervical smear and HPV test)
  • £1045 (Including consultation, blood tests, cervical smear, HPV test, ultrasound scan)
  • £900 Menopause Nutrition Package