Covid-19 Safety Measures

What we are doing to keep you safe during your appointment?

At London Gynaecology, your safety is paramount. The following are the steps we are taking to minimise the risk during your visit.

Social distancing:

  • We will collect all the relevant information before the appointment so that the registration process is swift, reducing time in the waiting area.
  • Patients only allowed to enter the premises. Please do not bring anyone with you unless in exceptional circumstances.
  • Reduced onsite administrative team. This means that you may have to phone one of our offsite secretaries before you leave.


  • Surface of furniture and equipment will be wipe-cleaned with disinfectant between patients to avoid cross-contamination.
  • All healthcare professionals will wear a mask and a plastic apron.
  • All healthcare professionals are tested for Coronavirus infection as appropriate.
  • Temperature check for everybody (including you) at the point of entry into the premises.


  • Many patients will want to avoid travelling to the clinic and we will continue to offer telephone and video consultations where appropriate.
  • We will be happy to continue your regular prescription such as the pill, HRT etc (after appropriate checks) and send it to your pharmacy or get it delivered to you through an online pharmacy (Zottii).

Surgical procedures:

  • Surgery is still restricted to urgent and emergency cases only due to higher risks associated with the procedure and postoperative recovery.

We hope this information is useful, but please do contact us on 0207 101 1700 or email us on [email protected] if you have any questions.