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Well Woman Check

Our well woman check provides women of all ages with a thorough general gynae health check-up, providing peace of mind & rapid response.

Who is it for?
Every woman

How often?
Every year

What does it involve?
A well woman check is a thorough check up giving you peace of mind. The extensive well woman review is designed to pick up any illnesses at an early stage and is an essential part of pro-active healthcare management. A well woman check at London Gynaecology includes the following (please note that prices vary depending on which tests are required):

  • A consultation with a Consultant Gynaecologist
  • Full history taking and pelvic examination
  • Blood pressure assessment
  • Cervical smear (PAP test)
  • HPV sub typing test
  • Contraception and sexual health review
  • Detailed written report emailed or posted to you and your GP
  • Explanation of results via letter
  • Arrangement for prescription and onward referral if required
  • Direct access for any urgent health concerns

The following tests can also be added to a well woman check at an additional cost:

  • Blood tests including: haemoglobin, thyroid profile, cholesterol profile, vitamin D, ferritin levels, glucose
  • Swab tests for sexually transmitted infections
  • Swabs test for infections
  • Ultrasound scan

If you are visiting us at The Portland Hospital, there may be additional hospital charges that will be billed directly to you by the hospital and the total invoice amount should be the same.

Whilst we aim to provide a one stop service for the maximum convenience of our patients, if you have any questions pertaining to your results, we request a follow up appointment is booked. Follow up appointments can be done virtually 30 mins (£175), 15 mins (£100) or face to face 30 mins (£280).


  • £510 (Including consultation, cervical smear, HPV test)