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18th July 2018

What Makes Good Feminine Hygiene?

Good feminine hygiene is important for overall gynaecological health and with a wide array of products available it can difficult to know what’s best to use. In this article, Consultant Gynaecologist Mrs Pisal shares top tips for good feminine hygiene:

Tips to ensure good menstrual hygiene:

  • If you use sanitary pads it is important to change them regularly
  • If you use tampons ensure that they are not kept in for more than 8 hours
  • Don’t forget about tampons.  As strange as it might sound it can be easy to forget about tampons We have seen women with retained tampons where they have forgotten the tampon and then presented with irregular bleeding and smelly discharge. They are at risk of developing Toxic Shock Syndrome.

“There are many feminine hygiene products on the market from soaps to wipes and sprays. Do I need these products?”

There are an increasing number of ‘feminine hygiene’ products on the market. But these products are not necessary. Mild and gentle ‘skin friendly’ soap or just water is enough to clean down below.

“Is having recurrent thrush due to a hygiene problem?”

Frequent washing of the vagina, especially with harsh soaps, will take away the good bacteria and oil from the skin and therefore can increase the risk of infections, especially thrush.

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