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5th July 2017

Our HPV Immunity Smoothie

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is a very common infection; 75-80% women (and men) get it at some stage in life. It usually produces no symptoms and many women will not even know that they have had the infection. For some women the infection may linger and cause abnormal smears but most are able to shake it off through their immunity.

Because the immune system plays such an important role in helping rid the body of HPV, nutritional strategies focus on supporting immunity.  Laura Southern our nutritional therapist has created an HPV smoothie packed with antioxidants, folate and vitamin E, all essential for immune support and shown to be protective against HPV.


  • 150g dark skinned berries (eg mix of blueberries and blackberries) frozen or fresh
  • 100g raw kale (or spinach)
  • 240ml coconut milk
  • water for consistency if needed.


  • Add all the ingredients to the blender and blend until smooth. Add in water if needed to get the right consistency.
  • Drink & enjoy!
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