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5th November 2018

Exercise and the Menopause

There are a few unique things to consider when it comes to exercising during and after the menopause. Our fitness ambassador, Ellie Baker, outlines the beneficial impact of keeping fit while going through menopause, and explains the changes you should think about making to your fitness regime.

How can exercise support menopause?

Exercise can help to alleviate the symptoms you get from menopause. Exercise is brilliant for stress relief, so will make you feel happier within yourself. Exercise is also a great way to stop you from gaining weight and keeps your muscle conditioning, which will help prevent the loss of muscle mass that occurs due to menopause.

The change in hormones during menopause can have an impact on bone strength. Which exercise would you recommend to keep bone strength up?

High impact exercise helps to build and maintain bone strength. These exercises could include: dancing, jogging, hiking, stair climbing, tennis, jump roping and weight training.

Should exercise change as you age?

Muscle mass and bone density both decline with age, so it is extremely important to exercise in order to slow down the rate at which the body is declining. Unless you have an injury, the exercise you do doesn’t need to change. High impact exercise helps build and maintain bone strength, so can slow down the rate at which you will lose bone density. Always start any new activity under supervision so that you can maintain correct form and avoid injuries. It is also a good idea to start gradually and build up to an optimal level.

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