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London Gynaecology is a first class private gynaecology practice offering daily services to women from top private hospitals across central London. Call 020 7101 1700 (24hrs)

Female Gynaecologist

For any patient wishing to be seen by a lady doctor, our female consultant gynaecologists can see patients almost every day.

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“Mr. Pisal is both professional and caring. He is an excellent communicator. His office is always extremely efficient from appointments through to follow up letters.”

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GP Area

We are committed to providing GPs as well as patients with the highest level of service. To read our specialist presentations, find out about our events and see how you can refer patients to London Gynaecology visit our GP Area.

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Latest News |10th August 2017

The official term for heavy periods is menorrhagia, meaning an above average or prolonged level of bleeding in a menstrual cycle.  Bleeding during an average…

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