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Fetal wellbeing scan

A Fetal wellbeing scan can be performed by Consultant in Fetal Medicine, Mr Pandya (The Portland Hospital) or Sonographer Edel in the city.

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A fetal wellbeing scan (growth scan) will assess the baby’s growth, blood flow and evaluate the development of the baby’s organs.  A growth scan can be performed from 27-29 weeks and 35-37 weeks and ideally at 28 and 36 weeks. (Price is per scan)

What is it?

This is an abdominal ultrasound scan performed by leading consultant in Fetal Medicine, Mr Pranav Pandya at The Portland Hospital  for the purpose of determining the growth and health of the baby by:

  • Measuring the circumference of the head and abdomen and the length of the thigh bone. From these measurements we can estimate the baby’s weight
  • Examination of the movement of the baby
  • Evaluation of placental position and appearance
  • Measurement of the amount of amniotic fluid
  • Assessment of blood flow to the placenta and baby by colour Doppler scan

This scan can also be performed by our Sonographer Edel at our location in the City of London.

Who is it for?

These scans tend to be for those women who have had previous pregnancy complications such as preeclampsia, fetal growth restriction, diabetes and stillbirth and for those who have developed problems in their current pregnancy.

At what stage of pregnancy would I have it?

From 27-29 weeks and 35-37 weeks. We recommend this is performed at 28 and 36 weeks. (Price is per scan).

Fetal wellbeing scan (28 and 36 weeks) includes:

  • Growth scan (28 / 36 weeks)

Following the scan:

  • You will take home a collection of images on the day
  • Written report in hand on the day
  • The comprehensive written report will be sent to you, via your preferred communication method
  • Option for the written report to be shared with your GP/referrer

Additional costs & exclusions

For any additional tests that may be recommended, prices will always be clarified upfront, prior to undertaking any tests.

Make an appointment: 

London Gynaecology is an established private gynaecology practice led by a team of consultant gynaecologists at our practice locations at The Portland Hospital and Austin Friars, City of London.  Mr Pranav Pandya, Consultant in Fetal Medicine and Director and Clinical Lead of Fetal Medicine services at University College London Hospitals, a world renowned centre for fetal diagnosis and therapy,  will be performing this package at our location at The Portland Hospital. This scan can also be performed by our Sonographer, Edel in the city of London.

Visit our specialist website, London Early Pregnancy, and antenatal packages to learn more.


  • £255 Fetal wellbeing scan (price per scan)