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1st May 2023

Menopause and Anxiety

Does menopause cause anxiety?

Anxiety is a common perimenopause symptom and can often be one of the first symptoms that you might notice. For some women, this is the first time they have experienced anxiety whilst for others, they may have experienced it before, and their anxiety has worsened. Anxiety can manifest as a feeling of fear, panic, feeling overwhelmed or a general feeling of worry.  

Hormone fluctuations and our stress responses can make the anxiety worse, so it is important to take the time to look after yourself and manage your stress levels wherever possible. Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation therapies can help and there are various apps which can support you through some meditation practices.  

Hormone replacement therapy may be used if it is felt that hormone fluctuations are contributing to your anxiety. It is also worth noting that some anti-anxiety medications can be extremely helpful too.  

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can also be beneficial in the peri/menopause and is based around talking therapy. There is lots of evidence that it can be helpful in managing hot flushes too.  

A holistic approach is key.  

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