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28th March 2023

Beverley Knight’s personal battle with fibroids

Did you know Beverly Knight suffered from fibroids and had to take a break from showbiz as she recovered?

Singer’s scary condition ‘I had no idea’!  Beverley Knight didn’t know what fibroid were when she was diagnosed. The NHS notes that fibroids are more common in women of African-Caribbean descent and a 2015 study highlighted that 80 per cent of Black women will suffer from fibroids, compared to 70 per cent of white women by age 50.

Beverley Knight is a recording artist and musical theatre actress. She is widely labelled as one of Britain’s greatest soul singers and is best known for her hit single “Greatest Day”. The singer endured a health scare and was forced to take time out.  Beverley Knight’s battle with mystery condition that affects 80 per cent of Black women.

The hitmaker, who now appears on TV each Saturday night on the judging panel of Starstruck, told Hello! at the time: “I have no idea why, I’m just glad that I got through it.” She added: “‘I’m a proud aunty and godmum, but having children of my own has never been part of the plan”.

Beverley Knight spoke candidly about her experience in 2017 to the Mirror recently.

Mr Narendra Pisal, consultant gynaecologist , says more awareness needs to be raised. “I don’t think there is much awareness of fibroids, even in the African-Caribbean community,” the expert, who has practised gynaecology in London for over 21 years, tells the Mirror. “I see women and they are often shocked. It does become a taboo, kept a secret, it is a private thing for a lot of women, they won’t talk about it. “The more awareness we increase, the better it will be.”

He has called for every woman at the age of 25 to have an ultrasound – which can pick up conditions like fibroids, endometriosis, and polycystic ovaries.

This is why fibroids can remain undetected, he says, until women start trying to have a baby and then go for a pregnancy scan, most commonly in their 30s. Click here to view the full article online.

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