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28th August 2019

The HRT Shortage

Many commonly prescribed forms of HRT are out of stock in pharmacies, due to what the Department for Health and Social Care has referred to as ‘ongoing supply issues’ caused by ‘manufacturing delays’. Consultant Gynaecologist Narendra Pisal would like to reassure women who are worried about the effect this will have on them: 

‘Even though many of the hormone replacement therapy preparations are becoming less available, alternative options are still available. There are three main forms of taking HRT: tablets, patches and gel. All these forms are interchangeable and you should see your GP or your specialist so that you can have a appropriate replacement that is more readily available.

Speaking for the pharmaceutical companies, the shortage is likely to be short-term and hopefully all these preparations will be available freely in the near future.’

If you have any questions or would like to see a consultant regarding HRT, please contact us on 0207 10 11 700.

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