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18th August 2019

Marina Wheeler QC Speaks About Her Cervical Cancer Diagnosis

After being diagnosed with cervical cancer earlier this year, a newly cancer-free Marina Wheeler QC is urging women to make time for cervical screening.

Consultant Gynaecologist Narendra Pisal says:

‘It is really great that we have public figures like Ms Wheeler coming forward with their stories of cervical cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment. This will raise awareness of how important a smear test is. 5 minutes of having a smear test can indeed save your life, as in this case.

A smear test is a screening test for precancerous cervical abnormalities and can rarely detect early cancer too. It is currently offered every 3 years between the ages of 25 and 49, and every 5 years between 50 and 65. The smear has recently become even more accurate, with HPV testing being used as a primary screening test. This test is more reliable as it is a lab test and is less likely to be falsely negative like the smear test. Once the HPV test has been done, a smear test then can be performed if the HPV test is abnormal. HPV negative result is very reassuring and almost guarantees absence of any disease.

We would encourage all women to go for their cervical screening as recommended by their GPs. Please visit our website for further information as well as cervical screening.’

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