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10th July 2019

HPV Vaccination To Be Offered To Boys

We were delighted to hear the news yesterday that, after this summer, the HPV vaccine will be offered to 12-13 year old boys as well as girls. Health officials say that this will prevent 29,000 cancers – of the anus, penis, head and neck – in UK men in the next 40 years.

Consultant Gynaecologist Narendra Pisal says,

“Human papillomavirus affects both boys and girls. Currently 80% of men and women get HPV at some stage of their life.

Vaccination for boys as well as girls will mean that the incidence of HPV infection will fall to a very low level. Vaccinating both will also lead to herd immunity providing additional benefit to the population by reducing transmission rates.

HPV is the second common cause of cancers after smoking and eradicating HPV will lead to a huge reduction in cancer numbers in both sexes including throat cancers, anal cancers and cervical and vaginal cancers. This is great news for men and also women who will also benefit from this. Human papillomavirus, we are coming for you…”

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