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Pregnancy Care

Our Pregnancy Care Package provides support and care in those early months.

Who is it for?
Women who have just discovered they are pregnant and are in their first trimester (first 3 months of pregnancy).

Why have pregnancy care?
The first trimester is a challenging time for the fetus and mother. The fetus is maturing quickly and your body is starting to adapt to it’s pregnant state.

Our Pregnancy Care Packages are designed to give you the confidence, support, and guidance you need in this period. We offer a variety of packages to suit differing needs; from complete care with our Premium consultant led scanning service to one-off tests and scans to support a specific point in time during the pregnancy.

What does it involve?
Our test and packages are listed in the table below.  We also offer the individual tests below, the details for each test can be viewed here:

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PackageEarly Pregnancy Sonographer ScanEarly Pregnancy Consultant ScanConsultant Led early pregnancy carePregnancy Ultrasound PackageEnhanced Pregnancy Ultrasound Package Preimuim Consultant Led Ultrasound Package
Early Pregnancy Consultation Scan ticktick tick
Early Pregnancy Scanticktick tick
Harmony Test / NIPTtick tickticktick
Nuchal Translucency Testtick tick
Early Anomaly Scantickticktick
Fetal Well Being Scan tick
Nutritional Consultationticktick


Additional costs & exclusions

Urine dipstick and blood pressure will be measured at every visit to London Gynaecology, however if the urine dipstick test shows and abnormality the sample may need to be sent to the laboratory for further testing for infection and this incurs an extra charge of £78.

Routine antenatal blood tests* are advised for all women before 10 weeks and these will be done at an additional cost of £540 if booking for antenatal care at The Portland Hospital.  If booking for antenatal care via the NHS these tests will be performed by the NHS at a later date.

Any charges will always be clarified prior to undertaking the test.

Please note the following if you are visiting us at The Portland Hospital for an Early pregnancy consultation and viability scan package; there may be additional hospital charges that will be billed directly to you by the hospital and the total invoice amount should be the same.

Nuchal Translucency and combined screening test (10 weeks and 12 weeks) is only available at The Portland Hospital.


  • £160 Early Pregnancy Sonographer Scan
  • £310 Early Pregnancy Consultant Scan
  • £1230 Consultant Led early pregnancy care
  • £1215 Pregnancy Ultrasound Package
  • £1725 Enhanced Pregnancy Ultrasound Package
  • £2505 Premium Consultant Led Ultrasound Package