Sexual Health Check

London Gynaecology’s sexual health check provides a fully comprehensive review of sexual health, allowing you to embark on that new relationship with confidence.

Who is it for?
Women who want to check their sexual health

How often?
As necessary, but usually before embarking on a new relationship

What does it involve?

  • 30 minute consultation with a consultant gynaecologist
  • Abdominal and pelvic examination including
    • Test for 7 sexually transmitted diseases
  • Blood tests including
    • HIV, Hepatitis B&C and Syphilis
  • Comprehensive report to you and your GP
  • Direct access to consultant 24/7 for any urgent health concerns

The following tests can be added to a sexual health check at an additional cost:

  • HPV test including subtyping
  • Herpes swab test by PCR
  • Cervical smear
  • Tests for male partners (urine and blood tests only)


  • £490 (Including consultation, 7 STD tests and blood tests)
  • £350 (Including consultation, chlamydia and gonorrhea testing only)

To book an appointment now please call:

020 7101 1700