Coil Fitting Package

Our coil fitting service is a simple solution to contraception.

Who is it for?
Every woman considering a coil (IUD, IntraUterine Device) for contraceptive purposes.

How often?
As required.   Most coils will need removing after 5 or 10 years depending on the type.

What does it involve?

  • 30 minute consultation with a Consultant Gynaecologist
  • Full history taking and pelvic examination
  • Blood pressure and BMI (Body Mass Index) assessment
  • Contraception review
  • Coil fitting (range of coils available including hormonal and non-hormonal)
  • Detailed written report emailed or posted to you and your GP
  • Prescription arrangement
  • Direct access to consultant 24/7 for any urgent health concerns

Our coil fitting package does not include a follow up appointment as we generally refer patients to their GP for follow up.  A follow up appointment can be included at an additional charge of £220.


  • £490 Coil Fitting (hormonal)
  • £440 Coil Fitting (non-hormonal)

To book an appointment now please call:

020 7101 1700