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14th October 2022

Our clinicians are recognised by insurer Aviva

Currently the most popular insurance provider in the UK, Aviva has won plenty of awards over the years for the quality of its insurance policies.

Amongst Aviva’s most popular insurance policies, the company offers full health coverage across a range of hospitals in the UK. We see patients who are covered by Aviva private health insurance If you are paying with private medical insurance, it is essential you contact your insurer to confirm they will cover the costs of any treatment. You must do this before you have a consultation, investigation, any diagnostic imaging or surgery.

Our clinicians are recognised by all major insurers; including Aviva.

Private medical insurance with Aviva could be for you if:

  • You don’t want to drag your feet on health matters – faster access to diagnosis, treatment and aftercare is important to you
  • You’d prefer continuity of care where possible
  • You’d like treatments that you might have to wait for long periods for an appointment to become available on the NHS

Most insurance companies pay fees in full, however with some there may be a small shortfall. Please check your policy with your insurance company prior to visiting. If you are Aviva insured, contact us to book your appointment.


Main Blog Page