Our Cancer Promise

A rapid access service combined with a cancer promise that ensures the fastest journey with no compromise on care.


At London Gynaecology, we understand that time is of the essence and pride ourselves in providing an individualised approach to care, with a multidisciplinary team on every patient in the fastest time possible.

Rapid Access for New Appointments:

  • New patients accessing the service with a cancer symptom or diagnosis will be seen the next working day.  Scans and diagnostics such as blood samples and biopsies can be undertaken on the day of your appointment.
  • Our online booking tool where outpatient appointments can be booked is available here, however we will often open extra appointments for patients with a cancer need and urge patients to phone 0207 101 1700 if they need an urgent appointment.

Fast Investigations:

  • Any investigations needed following your visit, will be organised on the same day as your appointment and will be undertaken within 7 days.

Treatment Pledge:

  • Following investigations, if treatment is necessary, our pledge is to have this started within 2 weeks.

Our clinicians have admitting rights at the London’s leading private hospitals, including the world renowned cancer centre, The London Clinic.  If a surgical procedure or an inpatient stay is required, admissions can be swiftly arranged by our procedure booking team.   We have further information about having a procedure in our patient information leaflet.