Virtual Consultations – Video and Telephone

, Virtual Consultations – Video and Telephone

Who are video and telephone appointment for?

Video and telephone consultations are especially suitable for patients who cannot visit the practice due to geographical distance or in current times, those who don’t have time-critical concerns but still would like to talk to a gynaecologist and prefer not to wait until normal clinics resume.

How are video or telephone consultations arranged?

Telephone and video appointments are booked like a normal consultation, via our secretarial team or online.  An appointment time is made and at the relevant time the doctor will call you.  Video consultations are undertaken on industry recognised and insurance company approved encrypted services such as FaceTime and What’s App Video.

How long does a virtual appointment last?

A video and telephone consultation lasts for 1hr with a follow up consultation for either 30 mins or 15 mins.

What is the format of a virtual video or telephone consultation?

At the beginning it is important for us to check your details (date of birth, email address etc) then we discuss medical history and presenting complaints.  Once that is complete our doctors will suggest any investigations if necessary (for which you many have visit the lab or ultrasound department) and make a provisional diagnosis.  Medications can be prescribed if necessary and also providing other medical advice.  Follow up arrangements will also be made as appropriate.

It is useful to share any previous investigation reports (eg scans, tests, operation notes etc) so they can reviewed prior to and during the call.

How much do virtual consultations cost?

The cost for a self pay virtual appointment, video or telephone consultation (new appointment) is £310. Please check with your insurance company regarding authorisation for a video consultation.  Whilst we aim to provide a one stop service for the maximum convenience of our patients, if you have any questions pertaining to your results, we request a follow up appointment is booked. Follow up appointments can be done virtually 30 mins (£175), 15 mins (£100) or face to face 30 mins (£280).