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17th September 2021

Ms Michelle Swer talks bleeding in late pregnancy

Although bleeding in the second and third trimester in pregnancy is rare, Ms Michelle Swer, our consultant gyneacologist, discusses 3 reasons why some women may experience bleeding late on in their pregnancy.

Low lying placenta

This is when the placenta lies low in the womb close or lying over the cervix. This will be identified on scan usually at 20 weeks and women will have a repeat scan to identify where the placenta is closer to delivery. Any bleeding in a woman diagnosed with a low-lying placenta should be seen by a doctor to ensure there is no risk of delivery which would not be suitable naturally.

Placenta Accreta Spectrum

This occurs when the placenta attaches deep through the muscle wall and does not easily detach. This is also identified on a scan and urgent review is needed if there is bleeding in women diagnosed with this presentation.

Abruption of the placenta

This is when the placenta comes away from the womb and is a serious and acute condition. There is often pain and bleeding and women should seek urgent medical advice.

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