Harmony Test / NIPT

Harmony test / NIPT (which means non-invasive prenatal testing), provides complete peace of mind and is offered from 10 weeks during pregnancy by Mr Pran Pandya BSc MBBS MD FRCOG, consultant in Fetal Medicine.

The Harmony Test is priced at £450 (with an ultrasound scan) and the results will be available to you within 10 days.

The test analyses fragments of the fetal DNA from a blood sample taken from the mother.

What does the Harmony test / NIPT test for?

The test is performed to check for common chromosomal abnormalities such as:

  • T21 (Down’s syndrome)
  • T13 (Patau’s syndrome)
  • T18 (Edward’s syndrome)

In addition, this test can also detect certain specific and known genetic conditions as well as fetal sex.

Harmony test / NIPT package

The Harmony test / NIPT test is performed by leading Consultant in Fetal Medicine, Mr Pran Pandya BSc MBBS MD FRCOG, and includes the following:

  • Ultrasound scan (10 weeks)*
  • Harmony test / NIPT and discussion
  • A collection of images to take home on the day (if you also have an ultrasound scan)
  • A written report in hand on the day (if you also have an ultrasound scan)
  • The results will be with you within 10 days
  • A comprehensive written report will be sent to you, via your preferred communication method
  • Option for the written report to be shared with your GP/referrer
  • Direct access for any urgent health concerns

*Please note, If you have had a scan in the last seven days there is the option to undertake this without an ultrasound scan – £430

Additional costs & exclusions

For any additional tests that may be recommended, prices will always be clarified upfront, prior to undertaking any tests.

Please note, the blood test will be performed by a nurse either on-site (a phlebotomy fee of £55 will apply), or at two convenient locations, 111 Harley Street a short walk away, or our clinic at 15 Austin Friars, EC2N 2HE (15 minutes away by tube) at no extra charge. Kindly note that 111 Harley Street is open until 4pm, therefore for appointments made with Mr Pandya at 3:30 pm, this will mean you will be unable to visit this clinic for a blood test on the same day; however, you can visit 15 Austin Friars or come back another day to avoid The Portland Hospital’s phlebotomy fee charge.

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London Gynaecology is an established private gynaecology practice led by a team of consultant gynaecologists at our practice locations at The Portland Hospital and Austin Friars, City of London.

Our Harmony test / NIPT is available at our practice location at The Portland Hospital only. Visit our specialist website, London Early Pregnancy, to learn more.

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