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3rd April 2017

Can an over or under active thyroid affect your period?

In our clinic we often see ladies with under or over active thyroids and give advice regarding the impact of a thyroid problem on the menstrual cycle.

So does an underactive or overactive thyroid affect periods?

The short answer is yes. Excessive or deficient levels of thyroid hormones can lead to heavy, irregular or even absent periods.

Doctors will often arrange for thyroid function tests when dealing with abnormal or extremely heavy periods. The hormones which control function of both thyroid as well as ovaries are secreted from the same area in the brain. That is why an overactive or underactive thyroid gland can also lead to significant impact on ovarian function and menstrual cycle.

Symptoms of underactive thyroids (Hypothyroidism) include; fatigue and tiredness with low energy levels and lethargy, weight gain and muscle aches.

Symptoms of overactive thyroids (Hyperthyroidism) include; palpitations, anxiety, hand tremors, weight loss, poor sleep and sometimes prominent eyeballs.

If you have irregular periods and are concerned about a thyroid problem, please contact us London Gynaecology on 0208 367 8999.


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