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19th May 2022

BUPA Gynaecologists

We have been delighted to welcome BUPA insured patients at London Gynaecology for over 10 years.

BUPA are one of the UK’s leading healthcare insurance specialists. Between Dec 2021 and June 2022, Bupa added 100,000 new customers. We’ve seen how having health insurance offers peace of mind for those unexpected life moments and supports better preventative health and wellbeing, especially at a time when it is needed with long public hospital waiting lists.

So if you are a member of BUPA and require our services get in touch today. Insured patients will need to obtain the authorisation number from their insurers. Most insurance companies will entail a referral letter from a patient’s GP, before they can authorise their initial consultation.

If you have any questions relating to treatment options or pricing information, get in touch with us our dedicated appointments team 020 8038 1901 (24hrs) who can advise you on pricing, what you need prior to your consultation and find you the earliest appointment possible with the most suitable specialist.

We very much look forward to welcoming patients with BUPA health insurance to either of our clinics.

Please contact both your insurance company, or our team on 020 8038 1901 (24hrs) if you require any further information.


Main Blog Page