Nurse-led services: Book your appointment

As part of London Gynaecology’s extensive services, we are pleased to provide a Nurse-led clinic every Monday morning offering a variety of services led by Clinical Nurse Specialist Jennifer Byrne at our conveniently located City of London clinic, in the historic Austin Friars Square. You can secure your appointment by booking directly using this tool.

The nurse-led clinic provides the following services every Monday from 8:30am – 1pm. Full details about the services can be found here.

Primary HPV Screening – £150
Co-Test Smear & HPV Sub-Typing – £255
Mini STI Screen – £165
Essential STI Screen – £215
Comprehensive STI Screen – £340
HPV Vaccination (3 injections & consultation)- £600
HPV Vaccination (3 injections, consultation, smear & HPV subtyping test) – £775

Please note, Pre and Post Op care telephone consultations are offered to patients who have had face-to-face appointments with a London Gynaecology consultant before and after a surgical procedure and are offered free of charge.